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"`★.¸¸¸. •°´♡ I was blessed to experience this on Christmas Eve, and it was amazing!! I feel lighter, more hopeful, and more filled with self-love. This is the most customized, skillfully applied service that you can gift yourself with. Things that came up from childhood that I never thought I would heal were cleared. ☆* ღ´ *´ ღ
`★.¸¸¸. •°´☆Anthony is an expert, and you deserve to experience this for yourself!"


"Anthony Torres, for as far as I know he is for sure a Human Angel.
I am speechless, once again the Divine light proof of the power of GOD and the Angels, shows up in my life, to guide me and help me in my journey.
As my journey of a healer, and helping other, I also need healing myself, each time I heal I advance more to my true Divine.
Two weeks ago I was feeling something off,, could not point and did not know what I needed, All I did was pray and pray to Jesus, the ArchAngels and GOD, for guidance and for protection. And to give me signs or show me what is what I need to do..
Well today this amazing man, his name, Anthony Torres, All I can call him is A HUMAN ANGEL, did a healing on me.
Before this I had to ask my angels if I could trust him, and if it was in the Divine plan, and they said a big YES!! they send him to me to help me heal what I needed to heal.
As every true practitioner that respect everyone WILL, asked for my consent if he could do the healing, and I said YES.
He know nothing of my past, since I never talk about past negative events, he came back with the exact age, and what needed to heal, everything made sense. Including the fact I been having pain in some parts of my body that some of the blockages he pointed were dead on. WOW!!! Everything he told me no one ever ever has been able to tap into it, and I knew it, but did not know how to get rid of that.. But today he got it all out, he did the healing, and I know it takes time to feel it, but I already started feeling it, including the body pain is less.
I recommend him 100% I believe everyone should invest in themselves, and going to him will be a big positive change in your life, and it will make you more of who you are, your true Divine, as per myself I know after this I will have more Divine Light Power to help better my clients, and move forward in my life with much more GOD’S light.
Thank you Anthony Torres for being you."


"I just experienced an Archangelic healing session for the first time with Anthony Torres and highly recommend this powerful and effective work.
These words do not come close to replicating the power,authenticity, and depth of this experience. My eyes well up with tears as I write, as they did throughout the session.All that is revealed in these sessions are priceless and essential for a soul's higher progression and mission in this life. I am sharing this because I feel that this is vital for everyone. I am also aware that only when a person is genuinely called to do this and ready, will they do it. If you are interested in looking into this, here is his website. We ( site currently under renovation, contact through fb or ask me for number)( it is truly the most effective and powerful healing modality I have experienced and I feel empowered, whole again, and connected.)"


"Had my first Angel Healing last week and Anthony is amazing! I say first because I will definitely be coming back for another session to deal with another issue. Anthony communes directly with the Angels to get accurate information about me and the type of healing I needed. I was amazed at how on point he was with my analysis. This week I immediately felt lighter, and more energized. For the past couple months I have been feeling very tired and had low energy. That has changed tremendously, I even started back working out again after about a month of being on break. I have also been more productive, completing tasks that I had been putting off for months. I am not sure if this spark of energy and productiveness is because of the healing, but I know I feel stronger, more powerful, more clear, more present, and happier. This election has had zero effect on me. In fact the morning after the election I woke feeling refreshed, happy, and energized. I am lighter and handling stressful situations in a much more loving way with great ease. Thank you Anthony! I look forward to what the coming weeks have in store as my healing continues to unfold. What a beautiful process!"

Shara P

This journey is so beautiful ! I found God , reconnected with my angels , remembered who I was and what I'm doing here , regained hope and faith in this family I created , literally cleared myself . If anyone needs an archangel healing session and is serious to allow God and his angels do what they do.


"Hi there Tony, I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for last week. It's a little difficult to articulate, but I just wanted to let you know that last week's healing was amazing. I don't totally know what it is, but I feel different. Which when I type it out, sounds kinda crazy, but honestly I feel like my heart and soul has joy in them. Something I actually don't ever remember feeling, at least not like this. That constant sense of anxiety that I always carried, is just gone. It has been my constant companion for so long, and just like that...it's gone. I feel like my words don't really do what I am trying to express justice, but please know that seeing you last week was the best thing I have ever done. <3"

Elizabeth I

Thank you SO much for you powerful connection to the Divine and your special healing. I am so blessed to have been in the presence, so grateful !
I have never experienced an angelic connection with anyone else, quite like we did. Still in awe.

– Hart S.

My deepest respect, love, and gratitude to the Angels, Clairvoyant Angelic healing, and Anthony. I feel incredibly honored to have experienced working alongside with Anthony during a few sessions. It was amazing watching the Angels move layer after layer from Illusion of disease. These healings are such profound journey of self discovery mapped out into symbols by the Angels and through Anthony's third eye. I was amazed with how precise the information was laid out to each client piece by piece until all the pieces of the puzzle were put together creating such an eye opener to the client as if the veils that kept them from seeing their true essence had been lifted.
I look forward to growing, serving, and continuously studying this Angelic modality reaching deeper levels of awareness, expansion, and consciousness that these powerful healings bring.
Always having a connection with the Angels since a little girl, I have always known that it is my destiny and mission to heal myself and others. After much inner work and powerful spiriutal retreats, I came to find this beautiful modality through Anthony who also assisted me with my own personal healing process, operating from the same level of love.
I am Blessed to be a part of this beautiful journey and to humbly assist and serve humanity, the Angels, and the Cosmos while being alongside with an amazing healer -Anthony Torres.

Mariana Guimaraes

If Anthony has showed up in your life in a time when you just want to feel more in control, take it as nothing less than a divine intervention. I had an Angel Clairvoyance session with Anthony when everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. I was car-less, I had low income and an unstable part-time job, I was facing threats of eviction and had to move out immediately, and on top of that I was grieving the loss of my brother who had died from a heart attack a few weeks prior. After doing Angel Clairvoyance however, huge shifts have happened in my life. My living situation is now stable, peaceful and comfortable. I have a new job and increased income. I attracted the exact car I wanted fully paid for and I have healed from my brother's death. Angel clairvoyance has permanently removes energy blocks that were holding me back and has positively changed my point of attraction. Instead of attracting tragedies, I now attract circumstances, situations, and people that bring me closer to my dreams. I am growing, I feel luckier and more in control and tangible evidence of the power of this mode of healing continue to unfold in my life. I feel really blessed to know Anthony to have experienced the power of Angel Clairvoyance.

Belle Shiferaw

That's great stuff right there , a very detailed and amazing scanning process.

Darien X

Please check out my brother Anthony Torres 'Angelic Alignment'. Folks! This is truly next level stuff!

Chef B Live

THE besttttt!!!

Maria C.

Just want to say a quick Thank You to Anthony Torres for taking the time to do some deep energy work on me yesterday. You have a gift. I have no doubt that you are going to be a very powerful and important force on my path. Still amazed by the things you knew...blown away by how I felt after (and since) our time together. YOU are an Angel...grateful for you 🙂

Crystal S.

Thank you for being you and guiding me! ♥ blessings x

Amanda Marie

Anthony!!! Thank you for all your love & support in our sessions! You are truly a Master at your work! I feel very fortunate to have found you! Thank you for all your healing work on me...very much appreciated!!! I highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of help. Much Love & many Blessings on your special day : )

Iwa W.

I feel this flood of positive emotions in me. I feel reborn in a sense and I have a deeper appreciation of my life and more profound love for myself than ever. You truly helped heal my heart and bring it back to where it belongs. Thank You so much Anthony! I look forward to all the wonderful emotions and positive changes yet to come.

Elza Sophie

I genuinely feel my spirit has been transformed despite some heartbreaking developments with my Son. I have had a unique past few days to not be living in terror and worry. You are my hero!

Laurie S.

Thank you Anthony Torres for an amazing Clairvoyant Angelic Healing session! I feel so grounded and inspired! ♥

Anu Shi Asta

Friends, I want to share something profound and beneficial with you, for those of you that are open to it... about 10 days ago I had an angel healing session via the talented Anthony Torres and his assistant Mariana Guimaraes with Clairvoyant Angelic healing I had no idea what I was getting into but I trusted Anthony, his years of professional training, and tons of positive testimonials, many from people i knew. Its a unique experience I feel really helped me through a lot. compare it to 30 sessions with a psychotherapist perhaps (no joke)... i would highly recommend this experience to anyone whom is trying to let go of or even uncover past or present emotional pain &/or those who are constantly wanting to learn & evolve. really amazing stuff....

Jennifer Laskey

Update: Currently I have zero pain in my shoulders and keep thinking it will return like it always did, and it doesn't. I am also still a deep thinker and always will be, but my obsessive painful thoughts dissolve faster now, as I realize they are past reactions and do not need to be repeated like they are present. Certain things roll off my back faster so to speak. Am sure I will notice more, as some things progress in a subtle way and it takes a bit to process. Thanks Anthony. Keep you posted.

(3 weeks later)

Update: Decision making is easier. Guidance is much clearer, I can decipher things that come up faster without self-doubt. When I am at the Braco events I can feel the energy much stronger. Some things are subtle at first and hard to put to words. But, I will do so here when I can. Blessings and thanks to you and all the angels you work with.

Debra Haden

Although curious, I had NO idea what to expect when I went for my first Angelic Healing Session with Anthony.

Taking that leap of faith with Anthony was easy. I trusted him. He is an ethical professional who asks God & the Angels to guide his sessions.

His explanation before, during & after the process where enlightening to say the least. The angelic healing itself was an experience I'll never forget.

There was this incredible energy in the room. Anthony was eerily correct. His initial claim of being 100% correct turned out to be a 1000% true. He was disclosing information to me only I knew.

Since our session, I've noticed changes in me, both emotionally & psychologically. Deep understandings have come to the surface. What I had been struggling with for months 'somehow' resolved itself.

After this experience, I will definitely return to Anthony ANY time I need clarity. I have & will continue to recommend these angelic clearing sessions to both family & friends.

Anthony's work is more of a vocation than anything else. He truly gives from the heart. "Thank you Anthony, I'll be back !

Maureen Pisani

Over the last 15 years, I have been around the block with countless modalities in the metaphysical world, so I know something powerful and unique when I try it and experience it. Anthony Torres' Angelic work is both very powerful and truly unique. I was blown away at the accuracy of the information he receives and have felt many things shift in my life as a result of working with him. For anyone who is open -minded and interested in going further down the rabbit hole, to peel back the layers of old energetic muck that are no longer serving you, I whole-heartedly recommend working with the Angels through Anthony! 🙂

Jay Denman

Tony, driving home from your office today was wonderful. I was singing and laughing and giving thanks to GOD!!! i talked to my father, who noticed a difference in me right away. I went out for dinner and met an amazing cosmic angel woman who is in the business of finding people houses, and i have a meeting with her tomorrow to get a place! I shared joy w a select few angelic people, and received their love and guidance and i feel WONDERFUL!!! Tony, thank you, thank you thank you for your BLESS~ED healing gifts. If I could give my loved ones anything good to help them in their lives i would give them a session with YOU! You pinpointed exactly what has been out of alignment in my auric field, and you and the angels collectively tuned me up. You gave me the wisdom i needed to help myself become the best SELF i can be. GOD BLESS you, Glory Be To GOD, and thank you to my beloved ANGELS for assisting in my healing... Now I AM taking a salt bath and going into dream land feeling so radiant and free of baggage and FULL OF LOVE!!! bless you... 🙂 🙂 🙂 life is glorious!

Shannon Ivey

My first ever angelic healing was the strangest yet most elevating experience I've had. I went open minded with no resistance and no expectations and it transformed my life. I walked away with the intense sense of joy and love. I felt the resonance of that feeling for the weeks following my healing. Its hard to explain with words what it is like, and Its not meant to be dissected much....but once you experience it, you will never be the same. Try it out, you must feel it to understand it. Words cannot explain the magical touch of an angel. Thank you, Anthony Torres for helping me connect with my guardian angels.

Elza Sophie

"After Anthony's angel healing session, I immediately felt a shift in my energy field and a huge difference in how I felt.. I could breathe better, felt more at peace and grounded. I started to manifest results from what we worked on in the session the very next day!! This cannot be a coincidence, because not only did I feel better physically and emotionally, but also seeing the immediate results is a definite confirmation as to the potency of the healing from our angel-healing session and Anthony's knowledge and work with Spirit, angels and the subconscious mind. Thank you Anthony, I am deeply grateful for this positive shift and change in my life and recommend you to everyone who wants a thorough clearing & healing!

Anna Bliss

If anyone is looking for an outstanding healer contact Anthony Torres. His clairvoyant angelic healing work is by far some of the most profound healing work I have ever experienced. I have literally dissipated and cleared years of mental and emotional blockages through this miraculous process and I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to experience this work and see what the angels have in store for you."

Benjamin Ciaramello

Absolutely incredible groundbreaking work. Anthony has turned his therapy into an art form! In a matter of a few hours my entire life was laid before me. Visually, Verbally, and Psychologically. I was given the opportunity to enter into the labyrinths of my own mind and do some major spring cleaning 🙂

Paul Michael Sparks

I want to take a moment to make a shout out to my dear friend and healer Anthony Torres. I got together with Anthony after somehow stumbling across his facebook page. I saw that Anthony did several healing techniques including Clairvoyant Angelic Healing. At the time I couldn’t stop thinking about a trauma I experienced during those months and was suffering from physical and emotional heartache. It was to the point where I couldn’t do anything but cling to a pillow as I wept my sorrows. It seemed as though it was destiny for me to find Anthony because I desperately needed serious healing work in order to surpass this darkness that was consuming my being. So I did what I needed to—I got in contact with Anthony and arranged an appointment. As I was on the phone with Anthony the most magical thing happened, I had a pair of my spirit animals, two hummingbirds fly across my face and around my head, as they flew towards the sky. This was an obvious sign from the Divine that I was on the right path. When I met Anthony he explained in detail about his work before starting with our session. His explanations helped me relax and be at ease for any upcoming discoveries the Angels would find. Anthony then invoked the Angels to help guide him to address any blockages, themes, dysfunctional patterns, and current issues that needed to be cleansed from my being so I can be at my upmost best functioning self. Anthony asked for permission to aid and allow the Angels to clear each point that was addressed. I’ve had three different sessions since my first. Each session focused on different dimensions with different underlying issues. All of my healing work with Anthony has been incredible experiences. Anthony has been able to uncover some deep past wounds that I didn’t know still existed or that I had somehow forgotten about. Anthony has been able to know things about myself that only I would know, and has been able to give me a clean slate so I can be fully open to whatever the Universe and the Divine Creator has in store for me. After a session I always have a child like grin, have a case of the serious giggles, and feel the most purist form of happiness. My body feels at ease. Tensions are gone. My limbs are more flexible. My spirit feels like it is floating in eternal bliss. Since our sessions I have become more confident, strengthened my self-worth, rejuvenated my identity, have more creativity, have attracted the most amazing beautiful people in my life, have healed old torturous wounds, got in touch with my inner beaming goddess, and re-established a healthier relationship with men including my own father. What Anthony is able to do in is work is fascinating and amazing. What Anthony does is out of complete love. I highly recommend everyone and anyone who has the desire to do some healing to go to my dear lovely friend. Anthony honestly and truly loves his work and when you are with him it shows. Thank you, Anthony, for being one of my Angels here on Earth.

Angela Cook

I experience Anthony’s healing work as profound and transformative. He is very intuitive and has a natural ability to heal.
His work is very precise; he was able to ask me questions about what he perceived in me that where exactly connected with what was going on in my life, my physical and energy bodies. He was very clear and explained to me in detail what he was doing and asked for permission to clear things in my energy. I felt very engaged in our session and learned a lot. He was very present and I was able to trust him right away. I felt very light and supported after our session which was via Skype and the next day I felt happy, energized and different!

Thank you Anthony, I enjoy your caring presence and your depth.

Salome Torres

I survived a childhood of abuse. At fourteen I ran away and began my healing. I sought out modalities and teachers constantly, from plant medicines to energy work to standard psychotherapy to hypno to psychiatry, and I worked diligently to heal my body and spirit, my mind and heart. After I left my fiancee in a dramatic explosion of heartbreak and terror, I lost my entire grip on earthly reality. I lost my home, my jobs, my place in the community, my daughter and the last shreds of my confidence. I knew it was all part of my path, but it shook me at my very core. I knew that this was the moment to truly become, but I had no idea how.

Then Anthony walked in to my life. I could immediately sense this man's sensitivity and depth. He had a kindness and gentleness about him that comforted and inspired confidence. I felt safe; I felt seen; I felt loved. After years of therapists - some bad, some decent, some good - I knew I had met a healer, a person who connects the inner divine to the physical world, an intuitive. When he informed me that he had become certified in the most holistic and effective therapeutic form he had ever encountered, I decided to let him try to help me.

I admit, I was skeptical. My spirit was crushed, my body sore, my mind ran wild - like untamed mustangs, as dear Anthony says - and only my good, strong heart kept me present in this world. I had spent thousands of dollar bills and hundreds of hours in offices doing everything from the most standard counseling to the most esoteric practices. I did not expect results, but I trusted this man and if he said he thought he could effect change, then I would give him a chance.

When I arrived at his office, I was even more leery. He had me stand across the room. We had no contact. He asked me no questions. He whispered and moved about and I really tried to take it seriously, but that wild mind verged on hilarity and I ached from standing. Then we sat down and Anthony diagrammed what he had been shown. I was flabbergasted. He pinpointed dozens of events that he had no way of knowing. It was like he was psychic. But, there was a further depth that went beyond what even I was aware of, or able to admit to myself. It was like he was watching me with the eyes of God. Then, one by one, he asked me if I wanted to clear these traumas and I said yes. That was all I had to do - just say yes. Anthony and the Angels handled the rest.

In the next seven months, I went through the most dramatic shift. I dropped in deep. I began to move, at rapid pace, through all of the layers of my own soul existence. I became cognizant of my subconscious, and the connections between past wounds and present suffering. It might be hard for you to believe, but I felt the angels with me. I felt a constant presence that seemed to shine light in to my shadows and show the way with in the dark moments. I felt hope.

For my second session, Anthony asked me if there was something specific I would like to work on. I said I'd rather leave it open, but I realized what I really wanted was to ask the angels for my divine partner. It was my feelings of unworth that made me hesitate to ask for what I truly wanted. I stood across the room and Anthony went through the motions, and we sat down to discuss. Guess what? The session centered on partnership. When Anthony left the room for a moment, I closed my eyes in reverent gratitude. I hadn't even had to mention it and the angels gave me what my heart longed for most.

Something huge is happening with this work. I believe it is present at this time on Earth in order to recreate the loving fear-free atmosphere that harbors our highest selves. I believe it has come to heal us all. I believe that this particular work is essential in saving our planet, because, really, the only way to save the world is to save the self, one being at a time, in the name of love. And, today, on my daughter's thirteenth birthday, I have a beautiful historic house, an office, a career that is aligned with my path, four jobs, the respect of my community, confidence and self-worth. Today, because of Anthony and the Angels, I am Beloved.

So are you.

So be it.

Paige MaGia

Working with Anthony Torres and the angels was a deeply powerful, moving, and life enriching experience. I saw positive change in my life, immediately, in every area that was address during our session. I walked out of his office feeling freer, happier, lighter, and as if my entire body, mind, spirit, emotion...all that was me had gone through a deep cleansing and truly transformative process. Anthony is truly gifted, dedicated, and caring. What a wonderful life experience. Thank you for everything. Happy New Year!

Chase McKenna

Had my first session, and I feel terrific! Anthony is genuine, caring, and professional. He was completely accurate with the things in my life that need to be addressed. Can't wait to give good news in the weeks to come. 🙂

Debra Haden

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  1. I had my first Angel Healing last week and Anthony is amazing! I say first because I will definitely be coming back for another session to deal with another issue. Anthony communes directly with the Angels to get accurate information about me and the type of healing I needed. I was amazed at how on point he was with my analysis. This week I immediately felt lighter, and more energized. For the past couple months I have been feeling very tired and had low energy. That has changed tremendously, I even started back working out again after about a month of being on break. I have also been more productive, completing tasks that I had been putting off for months. I am not sure if this spark of energy and productiveness is because of the healing, but I know I feel stronger, more powerful, more clear, more present, and happier. This election has had zero effect on me. In fact the morning after the election I woke feeling refreshed, happy, and energized. I am lighter and handling stressful situations in a much more loving way with great ease. Thank you Anthony! I look forward to what the coming weeks have in store as my healing continues to unfold. What a beautiful process!


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