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How the Human Energy System Attracts Entities

Eye Angel Eye Archangelic Healing

The health of the physical body, emotions and mind is intimately connected to the health of the energy field. The vital human energy field is consciousness, and consciousness is energy. Being fully conscious and self-aware, clear of past negativities, present and future projected fears;  living in the decision and process of being peacefully in the Now is what keeps energy flowing. Old wounds, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual can create blockages in the flow of vital energy/consciousness. Entities, ghosts, soul fragments and traumatic residues play on constructs of consciousness which are living, blocked and stuck in the past. When seen in the aura, these types of attracted entities and beings measurably impact the flow of energy in the body, mind and emotions. With time, disease can result. The Angels help show these shadowy entities and release these dysfunctional influences, reintegrating the Soul, mind, emotions and body which allows healing to take place.

Entities are attracted to and promote the lack of self-awareness of our inconsistencies. As humans, we often don’t do what we say but do what we want. We act and react to life according to our fear-based personality programing instead of our Soul’s urges. Once we become aware of our misaligned approach, entities feed on the associated bad feelings and are fueled to manipulate us further. Guilt is a choice item on their menu, seen as the primary element which represents our unconscious choice to not resist them but to invite them in further. Lack of forgiveness for yourself or others who have injured or betrayed you is equally delectable.

To avoid being a menu item at the astral snack bar, one must choose to see oneself honestly and objectively. Victimization, when seen objectively, offers an opportunity to find one’s own shadow negative creating mechanisms. The most courageous progress involves owning and healing your shadows. Most of us have learned about this the hard way. Honest self-evaluation and turning to Source and guardian Angels for healing and renewal can absolve many well-worn negative destructive patterns, behaviors and the entities they attract.

Entities function either as vampires to our vital field of consciousness or like amplifiers, helping us to see our shadows and areas for growth. Rather than perceiving them as fearsome opponents, we like to think of the challenges they bring as helpful reminders to get our attention through difficult experiences and patterns in life to be overcome and moved through, triumphantly leading us greater expressions of our True Selves.

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