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How Angelic Healing Works

Eye Angel Eye Archangelic Healing

  1. We work by permission and invitation
  2. We emphasize and prefer positive language and outlook.
  3. We work by invoking Source and Angels of healing.
  4. We work by guidance and maintain openness.
  5. We stay in the wonder, guidance and affirmative communication with the angels and avoid making claims.

Through the client’s permission, we seek and call upon Angelic guidance in order to evaluate your field of consciousness for blockages and dysfunctional energy patterns. We then draw what is seen and offer insights as to how these affect your physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual body and world. When appropriate, gentle range of motion testing of affected joint structures is performed. If there are any concerns you have that have not been highlighted by the Angels, we take time to focus on them. Once the client is aware of what has been shown, through asking permission, we address all aspects step by step which have come up for healing. After the healing takes place, the same testing is repeated and compared to the previous measurements. In addition to improved physical function, healing takes place in the viscera, glands, nervous system and deep tissues, potentially unfolding over months.

Although we make no claims, this consciousness-clearing work typically promotes healing of many challenges, including the following: extensive physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relationship issues.

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