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Clairvoyant Angelic Healing

Eye Angel Eye Archangelic Healing

Clairvoyant Angelic Healing is an amazing way to heal body, mind, emotions and Soul.  With invitation from our clients and invocation of guardian Angels and Archangels, insightfully-key themes are brought to our attention for consideration and healing, revealing challenging patterns that may have spanned one’s entire life and sometimes many lifetimes.

Through clairvoyance and other higher sensibilities, we utilize symbolic communication through Angelic guidance to show energetic blockages and challenges in our client’s field of consciousness. A client’s guardian Angels and Archangels present in the session unveil the multi-dimensional Aura revealing challenged areas in a person’s consciousness by referencing ancient archetypes from Kabbalah, planetary symbolism and chakras. The Angels show dissociated energies belonging to the Spirit-Soul (Soul fragments) and to specific and subtle body structures. The Angels uncloak parasitic entities and otherworldly presences and their implants. When relevant and present, the Angels also, reveal codependent unhealthy connections between people called “tubes” or “hooks” between people with unhealthy connections. The Angels show the condition of the quality of core energy structures that comprise our vital life energies from “Source”.

Actions, reactions, thoughts, perceptions, emotions and beliefs arise from an underlying state of mind which comprises the multidimensional human energy field, also known as the Aura. In a perfect world, a person has fully incarnated and developed their Soul, bringing with them a strong sense of identity and a well-integrated, coherent spirit-mind allowing energy to flow smoothly in the body, promoting vibrant physical health and an overall sense of personal well-being in their experiences in life. However, human Souls are rarely so “together” and their energy system may suffer from dissociation, incoherence and zones of negativity. This in turn disrupts healthy energy flow in the body tissues, attracts parasitic astral entity attachments and creates dis-ease in the body and the mind.

Once the clairvoyant Angelic scan is complete, the results are explained to our clients. They then have the ability to express how the information relates to their external day-to-day manifestations, patterns and life experiences. Following this part of the process, with the client’s permission, the Angels and Archangels present for the session carry out healing of each individual blockage which has shown up during the scanning process. Angels are not only messengers but healers. Having bestowed increased awareness, they compassionately assist their emanations to heal and assist a person to grow. When they are invited by those they assist (they respect your Will), Angels can powerfully help, instantaneously and over time, to restore health to Soul, mind, emotions and body.

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