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Anthony Torres


facetuneAnthony Torres is a committed, compassionate and caring Clairvoyant Angelic healer and Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. With 18 years of training and experience in esoteric mysticism, energy healing, meditation and other healing modalities of the mind/body/spirit connection, Anthony brings a full-spectrum understanding to the process of transformation and evolution.

Anthony’s first encounters with the Angels began at 7 years old when he discovered the ability of clairaudience. Throughout his life growing up through his teens into his 30’s, Anthony has experienced very detailed first-hand encounters with Angels and Archangels through sight and hearing which led to his developing interest in working with the Angelic realm to assist in the healing of others.

In addition to working with Holy Guardian Angels and Archangels, Anthony has also been a 18 year student/teacher of A Course in Miracles and The Science of Mind. With a 7 year full-time professional practice as a Hypnotherapist, Anthony is an honors graduate from the first accredited school for hypnotherapy in the country, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Anthony has been advocating, educating, and participating in the “true integrity food movement” for 13 dedicated years. Anthony’s approach to growth and transformation encompasses proven tools and techniques that help lead a person to a complete and comfortable integration of the mind, body, and Soul.

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