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Angels Guide, Protect & Inspire

Angels guide, protect and inspire us all in our daily lives. When given the permission Angels work in a very detailed manner to show and heal aspects and influences of, and within, our being that are causing limitation and constriction in our health and lives.

We Work with Source

We work with Source through guardian Angels & Archangels to assist people to heal themselves, exploring states of consciousness, mind, feelings and motivations through guided intuition and clairvoyance. As Clairvoyant Archangelic healers we facilitate conscious awareness of healing choices that reconnect and reintegrate the self – body, mind, soul, and spirit – and connect one with Divine Source/Creator.

Our Work is Done Through Invitation, Invocation & Permission

Our work is done though invitation, invocation and permission. Angels then guide intuition and clairvoyance, identifying & eliminating negative influences from the auric field of the physical and subtler levels of ones being in order to improve ones health.

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As Clairvoyant Angelic Healers we operate according to a few very important principles 1. We work by permission and invitation. Although the Angelic realm is …


Clairvoyant Angelic healing is a physical, mental, emotional, soul-healing modality done through  Holy Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels through practitioners who have been trained to …